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Guiliano Buckner has an Active Trainer certification from the American Council on Fitness. He has been working at ProFit since 2017.

Guiliano says that what drives him every day is the client’s instant gratification and affirmation. “Knowing that I have the ability to impact someone’s life for the greater good makes it easy to come into work every day,” he says. He is thrilled to be working with La”Drissa Bonivel. “The culture that she established and enforces is what sets the gym apart from others. To say you feel part of a family when you come is an understatement. The trainers are elite athletes who have the capability to train any fitness level.”

As a professional trainer, he appreciates La’Drissa because she “allows you to be creative and she does not micromanage. She is transparent in her expectations of the gym, her clients and her trainer. She expects greatness and demonstrates it.” Guiliano, who is also an empowerment coach, tells clients that “you may not always be motivated which is why you have to be disciplined.” He brings his discipline and attention to detail to each and every client who walks through the door.