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Shane has been a certified trainer for 13 years. He is CPR certified, ISSA certified and also certified by the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. He is a self-taught, award-winning bodybuilder who has placed in the top 5 in all his shows. He has power lifted in meets across the country and sets record that held for years.

“I am most passionate about the actual training itself,” Shane says. “Actually working with the client hands on. Seeing the clients transformation and watch them take the tools that you have given them and they use them to become successful. Once I give them the tools, I have empowered them to take the next step.”

Shane loves working at ProFit. “I appreciate the opportunity that LaDrissa has given me,” he says. “She allows me to work with her and her clients. I share her passion for fitness and to be able to get the knowledge that she has. I look at her as a mentor and role model.”